Matchpipe Heavy duty Precisely Carved 6.5 inch Stone chillium pipe Round Bowl Stone Bowl White & Black Tobacco Pipe- Detachable round deep Bowl


Stone pipe 6 inches beautifully handcard with Detachable bowl! A collection of handcrafted, carved, Jade, and miscellaneous sculpted stone hand pipes. Available exclusively at Matchpipe Online Head Shop.Available in a variety of stone, this pipe has a very deep bowl and is uniquely made for a quality hits. Though small, the stone naturally cools your smoke for the smoothest hit possible. Perfect as a gift, stone pipes are known for how long lasting they are, providing perfect puffs for years to come. Great for smoking on the go or just having some fun.

SIZE: Length-6.5 inch long

EXCLUSIVELY HANDMADE: This pipe is beautiful with a fine carved stone bowl and stem. This is a modern Unique design

STONE PIPE: Easy to clean and keeps cool

LOW MAINTENANCE- This tobacco pipe is easily disassembled in order to clean it with ordinary cotton cleaners. Wooden pipes can last forever if you keep them clean and polish them regularly

GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR PIPE LOVERS: Perfect to be as a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher’s Day and all pipe lovers.

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