Matchpipe Bonehead Stone Tobacco pipe 5 inch Long stem


Matchpipe Bonehead Stone Tobacco pipe 5 inch Long stem Detachable bowl

The Stone Tobacco Smoking Soft Stone Pipe is the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship, Unique Style

This is our exclusive design because these are handcrafted and it takes a long time to each pipe. We are incredibly proud of the design and these are not mass produced ..Each pipe takes a long time to make.. We only limited quantities in stock

You can easily clean this pipe with warm water and soap .. Make sure not to leave in the soap water for long time . Quick wash & dry is all it takes ..

Convenience and a handy size. Its all stone from the stem of the pipe to the bowl.

The pipe is constructed out of high quality soapstone and has an easy-to-grip tapered handle.

Perfect to be as a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher’s Day and all lovers.

Available on backorder

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– This pipe measures approx 5″ inches long
– Detachable bowl for easy cleaning
– Handcrafted Soapstone rock stone tobacco pipe, simple
– Actual color may vary a little as these are handcrafted made of stone. Every stone is different
– Durable & high quality, easy to carry.. Stone pipes can break need to be cared for


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