Matchpipe Elephant onyx pocket pipe 2 color stone pipe 4 inches


Matchpipe Handcrafted 5 inches long Spiral Vintage look Tobacco Pipe -Durable and High Quality Craftmanship Elegant Stone Pipe Deep Bowl.

Sturdy, travel ready, and fun! This Stone Pipe from Onyx has a two-toned marbled stone pattern and is available in multiple color options. The pipe fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to hide if necessary for discreet smoking. The bowl is roomy for a small pipe and the stone cools smoke before it gets to your lungs for an unmatched hand pipe hit.


– This pipe measures approx 4 inches long
– Handcrafted Soapstone tobacco pipe, simple
– Actual color may vary a little as these are handcrafted made of stone.
– Durable & high quality, easy to carry
Stand is only for display purposes not for sale!
– Parts are not detachable one piece
Pipe stand not included Matchpipe 11 inch Long Walnut Churchwarden Tobacco Smoking pipe


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