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Matchpipe Exquisite Billiard Wood Pearwood Smoking pipe + stand collection


A billiard tobacco pipe is a classic and popular pipe shape characterized by a straight, cylindrical bowl and a relatively long, straight stem. The bowl is typically proportionate in height to its width, and the overall design is known for its simplicity and timeless appeal. The name “billiard” is derived from the resemblance of the pipe’s shape to a billiard ball. These pipes are commonly used for smoking various types of tobacco, and their design allows for a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience.

With so many companies and designs now days, finding a classic billard may be hard, but this is exactly what we are selling here.
Pipe comes with a replaceable 9mm filter, but if you need more smoke it will work perfectly without the filter as well.

The billiard pipe is the most popular shape of a straight tobacco pipe. It has a straight stem and bowl set at a 90-degree angle, with a shank that is usually the same length as the bowl height. The bowls should also tilt forward slightly.

LONGER STEM: Not as long as a Churchwarden pipe, but longer than traditional tobacco pipes, the Bing’s Favorite has an extended Bent Billiard shape, giving this briar pipe both style and sophistication.

  • Classic Bilard Style
  • Smokes Great – Smooth Soft Draw



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