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Matchpipe Exclusive set of 2 stonestone herb pipe Vintage 5 inch & Elephant Pipe


*5 inches length and 4 inches stone pipe set
*Nothing cools faster and seasons better than a good stone chillum; the smoke is further cooled by the cupping of your hands. That’s why a stone chillum is ideal for burning premium nugs – it stays cool and draws smooth aromatic hits, time and time again.
Easy to clean

  • Set of 2 Stone pipes matchpipes Exclusive design Chillium pipe is 5 inches & 4 inch elephant pipe
  • Chillums should be a part of every smoker’s arsenal. The size and convenience of a chillum make it a very valuable asset. Most chillums can fit in a pocket or a small purse. The obvious attraction for using chillums is simplicity. Along with only two holes, one used for the mouthpiece and the other is the bowl, a chillum is as simple as it gets when it comes to smoking
  • The art of smoking a Chillum comes right down to holding the device properly. Since a is essentially a pipe full of herb, never hold it completely vertical (leave that stunt stuff to the pros). Always hold it at an angle between hands by making a cusp as seen below. There are a lot of variations to this hold, so practice it a couple of times to see what works best for you, but a two-handed hold is recommended
  • Easy to clean and maintain can be used life time warranty if not broken


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