Matchpipe 5 inches Vintage round bowl Marble wood Stone pipe


Our collection of carved, sculpted & hand-polished black soapstone, carnelian & Jade smoking pipes. Stone pipes are commonly made out of natural stones such as onyx, soapstone, and pipestone. Because stone pipes can (technically) be made out of any soft stone, however, anyone can carve them into any shape. That’s why stone pipes are known for their beauty: not only is the material smooth and pleasing, but it can be carved into whatever the artist pleases.

– This pipe measures approx 5″ inches long
– Detachable bowl for easy cleaning
– Handcrafted Soapstone tobacco pipe, simple
– Actual color may vary a little as these are handcrafted made of stone.
– Durable & high quality, easy to carry
Stand is only for display purposes not for sale!


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