10 Inch Lectura Smooth Bent Dublin Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe Oak & black


Churchwarden pipes stem back to a time in history where churches never locked their doors. It’s said that during that time churchwardens or watchmen kept an eye on the building at night. Something that helped them pass the time was pipe tobacco, and so they had pipes made with extremely long stems to avoid the pipe and aftermath of the tobacco from getting in their line of sight. Also referred to as reading pipes, the long stem allows you to enjoy a pipe while still looking down to read your favorite book. The Churchwarden long tobacco pipe is a unique piece to add to your collection. An extra long stem adds the assurance of a pleasing smoke, and would make an excellent “TV” pipe. Take a look at the price. Penny for penny, one of the best values around!

Length – Approximately 10+ inches +

Smooth, Durable workmanship can be seen when you use this beauty . The pipe walnut matte finish pipe with a scoop shape bowl, detacahble bowl for easy cleaning

Matchpipe Exclusive Gift Set: One of the most unique hand carved churchwarden pipe stand is one of a the reliable pipes you will own. Functional smoking pipe inspired by Lord of the Rings and Hobbit , where many of the characters (Gandalf, Bilbo, Frodo and other hobbits and dwarfs) smoke churchwardens.


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