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    5 Inch Pipes

    Matchpipe set of 2 marble rock heavy duty crystal stone pipes 5 inhces

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    Two of our most popular pipes in-one bundle gift set.. 1 design is 6 inch & the other one is 4 inch

    Scoop shaped pipe is approximately 6 inches with a detachable bowl
    Butterfly stone 4 inches long and it’s one-piece and not detachable
    Each pipe is cut from a slab of stone, finished, carved, shaped, drilled.
    No two pipes are alike, every stone unique
    This pipe is easily cleaned in warm water and it’s as good as new ..
    This Design is not Detachable it’s one piece
    Benefit of stone pipe is they remain cool ..
    Stone is sturdy but if you drop it on the floor it will break. Please handle with care!

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    6 Inch Pipes

    Matchpipe Sleek Stone Wood 6 inch Tobacco Marble Ebony Stem Stone Bowl Hand Pipe

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    Matchpipe 5 inches Marble finish Soapstone Tobacco pipe Hand carved Collectible – Vintage Antique look

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