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    Billiard Pipe

    2 piece smooth Billiard smoking tobacco pipe Includes handcrafted pipe stand rack gift set

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    Matchpipe High quality Handcrafted durable hardwood pipe with Deep Bowl Handmade 6 inch Tobacco Pipe Unique Fishtail bent; Includes handcrafted stand.

    It is best to choose a classic straight Billiard or Apple – these shapes have been tried and tested for generations and are easy to smoke. It can also be a slightly curved half-bent. However, we would urgently advise against strongly curved hangers as a first pipe; because some initiates still have problems with them.

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    Long Stem Pipe

    MatchPipe English Calabash Style Sherlock Holmes type Bent Natural Wood Tobacco Pipe 5.5 inches Long- Durable, Elegant Detachable Pipe

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    The Design of this pipe is incredibly hard to make and each pipe take a long time to make. This is why we have few of these pipes in stock

    2 pieces for easy cleaning

    Mouth piece measures approximately 4 inches long

    Bowl is approximately 1.5 inches long

    This beauty is made of 100% natural wood

    This pipe comes without the Stand (if you do like our stand you can put in an order, our stand is also listed for sale)

    GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR PIPE LOVERS: Perfect to be as a gift for Father’s Day, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Teacher’s Day and all pipe lovers.

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